2021 Registration Online Presentation Skills June 25, 1pm-4pm (CEST)

In the past year, we have witnessed the rise of the digital conference room. The need to move to an online setting has confronted us with many challenges, but it has also created new opportunities for global scientific cooperation that are likely to stay beyond the end of the pandemic. During this half-day seminar, participants familiarize themselves with techniques to engage digital audiences, to manage digital conference rooms and to gain confidence as online public speakers.

Crafting an Online Presentation

  • Creating persuasive and memorable presentations for conferences & colloquia
  • Creating and holding attention of the audience


  • Presenting yourself online
  • Self-confidence & presentation nerves


  • Managing digital conference rooms
  • Creating presentation videos
  • Making use of external apps
  • Digital visualization techniques

Instructor: Dr. Lisa Heindl