German course – Winter semester 2020/2021 (14. Sep – 31. Jan)

Since this is a presence event, special hygiene regulations must be observed:

1) All courses take place at the MPI in Room 1112, which is sufficiently large.

2) The maximum number of students per course is currently 14.

3) All course participants must wear a mouth-and-nose mask from the time they enter the institute to the lecture hall (even if they use the toilet in between).

4) After entering the institute, hands must be washed and disinfected thoroughly.

5) There is no obligation to wear masks in the lecture hall; only the marked chairs must be occupied.

6) The lecture hall should be thoroughly ventilated every hour.

7) All participants in each course will be recorded in a list which will be kept at the MPI reception desk for 4 weeks and then destroyed in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance.

Register here if you like to participate:

Please note that your registration is a binding commitment to participate in the full course. Drop-in and drop-out are not possible as this interrupts the learning process of the group and yourself.

As places are limited, we would like to allow another candidate to attend the course in case you cannot participate. Please inform Janine Reinhard as early as possible about changes:

Thank you very much for your understanding!