Online Teaching 2020

Date of the workshop: Sept 21, 2020
Time: 12 – 4pm
Type: Online seminar
Instructor: Lisa Heindl, Yellow Couch Studien- und Karriereberatung

COVID-19, more so than any other recent event, has spurred the
evolution of online teaching. While this development opens
exciting new opportunities to engage with learners worldwide, it
also constitutes a challenge: Some of us had to switch to online
teaching within days this past semester, others are right now
preparing for their first online classes in the fall.
No matter at what stage of the process you are, you might be
asking yourself some of the following questions: How do I
develop an effective online teaching concept? How do I best
integrate online and offline contents? Which channels and tools
should I choose? How do I structure a session that is both
informative and enjoyable? How do I look great (aka competent)
on camera? How can I connect with my audience and keep them
engaged? If yes, this course is for you: You will have the chance
to acquaint yourself with central online teaching methods and
learn crucial teaching hacks to win over your audience.

At the end of this seminar, you will know how to:
• Enjoy online teaching and lose your fear of the camera
• Define and communicate learning objectives
• Balance online and offline learning contents
• Involve your audience by integrating interactive learning activities
and inspiring a virtual classroom discussion
• Choose your software: Zoom, Teams and more!
• Let students work in peer groups work and support each other
• Employ effective online visuals
• Use voice and body language techniques to connect with your audience
• Make use of online icebreakers and energizers to connect participants
• Integrate testing components (take-home exams, presentations, etc.)

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Please note that your registration is a binding commitment to participate in the full course. Drop-in and drop-out are not possible as this interrupts the learning process of the group and yourself.

As places are limited, we would like to allow another candidate to attend the course in case you cannot participate. Please inform Janine Reinhard as early as possible about changes:

Thank you very much for your understanding!