Intercultural Training Course

Course Description: Connecting Across Cultures

Whether at home or abroad, in private or professional contexts – we all have experience with cultural differences. It is a confrontational experience of the strange, that can challenge one’s own patterns of perception and understanding. This can unsettle or even shatter our self-image and our worldview. At the same time, a more and more globalized world demands a life serving and productive approach to such situations.

Instead of focusing on static cultural differences and a supposedly universal way of dealing with them, we will sensitize ourselves in this workshop to what makes the connection between people possible, even beyond alleged differences. A certain affective attitude, consisting of an emotional-motivational readiness of one’s own self as well as the abilities of self-reflection, self-criticism and self-change is the key to success.

Date of the workshop: Dec 2 (+ Dec 3), 2019
Time: 9:30 – 17:30
Venue: tbd
Instructors: Michael Blech

Please note that your registration is a binding commitment to participate in the full course. Drop-in and drop-out is not possible as this interrupts the learning process of the group and yourself.

As places are limited, we would like to allow another candidate to attend the course in case you cannot participate. Please inform Janine Reinhard as early as possible about changes:

Thank you very much for your understanding!